To reach the best performance, optimization, and productivity using the IT Networks and its tools especially in the corporate big systems, There are some complementary services before and after supplying the networks. To give the required technical and professional support to the user’s teams.



Design refers to the planning to implement an IT network infrastructure. It performed by network designers, engineers, IT administrators and other related staff after studying the conditions, requirements, and needs. And it’s the step before implementation. Our technical design engineers take a part in preparing full plan and detailed design an emphasis on streamlining your environment and management requirements.


Our dedicated team of network infrastructure designers and installers possess a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise. We install network cabling systems that are capable to meet your bandwidth needs and integrate the latest technology in order to keep your infrastructure working efficiently at an inexpensive cost. Structured cabling is the foundation of any network infrastructure.



Using the required specifications guideline for network optimized performance, IC Networks testers provide testing and certification of cabling systems to make sure that the installation, components, and materials meet the requirements
Qualified technicians are trained and certified with Fluke’s ber and copper network testers. Our installation team has the latest version of FLUKE copper testers that provide a channel or link testing.


Managing all the steps from Start - Planning, Implementation, Reporting, Controlling, and Finishing - needs accuracy to keep the high quality, the commitment in time, and the delivery under budget. What makes Project Management is the most important service.